Junk Food for the Soul

Junk Food for the SoulThe obesity rates in North America are extremely high, among the highest in the world. This applies to the United States, Mexico and Canada. These high obesity rates have been linked to poor food choices. It is not so much as how much we eat, but what we eat. Because of our fast paced lifestyle, we often opt for fast food instead of nutritious food. Also, junk food often tastes better than nutritious food. Because of this many of us are undernourished and overweight. This, of course, has consequences for their physical health.

Unfortunately, this same attitude applies to our spiritual lives as well. Not only do many of us feed our bodies junk food, many North Americans feed their souls junk food as well. Perhaps, this is also related to our fast paced lifestyle. Instead of taking the time to search out and attend churches that preach sound doctrine, many of us just stay home and listen to radio or television programs that do not teach sound doctrine.