Take Off Your Shoes

Some people go to great lengths seeking some sort of spiritual experience. They may try drugs or meditation or even get involved in a strange cult in their desperate search for something beyond themselves. Are they on a right track? Can God be found in drugs, meditation, cults, or even organized religion?

The Bible records several instances of people meeting God at different points in history, most of which we will be looking at in this book. It is interesting that many of these people were not seeking God at all. He just suddenly burst on the scene, for example in a burning bush or a blazing light. Most of the encounters happened while the individuals were going about their normal business. Some encounters occurred while those involved were performing religious activities, but those activities were a normal part of their life or even their designated role. God is sovereign. When we meet with him, he is in control and he sets the agenda. We may want to meet him on our terms, but that is not the way that it works.

God loves variety. He made each of us different and he likes to deal with each of us differently. Every encounter with God that is recorded in the Bible is different. God will not deal with you in the same way that he deals with me. With each encounter you can learn more about God and the different ways that he deals with his people.